Thursday, 23 June 2011

New ‘dhwajasthambham' for Tiruchanur temple

The spiritual process was set in motion on Tuesday for the consecration of the new ‘dhwajasthambham' being installed in the temple of Goddess Padmavathi at Tiruchanur.

To signal the start of the four-day ritual to be performed in this connection, the priests performed ‘ankurarpana'(preliminary rituals for the consecration of the huge 35-foot dhwajasthambham).

The pole replaces the one which had been standing in the temple for the last several decades.

The replacement became necessary as the decades old pole reportedly developed deep cracks and causing a serious concern to the temple authorities over its safety.

Once the TTD decided to erect a new dhwajasthambham, it took more than a month for the authorities concerned to get the new timber scientifically cured and also to get the required gold coverings hammered out at a special workshop put up for the purpose where expert craft persons worked in full swing.

Nearly 13 kg of pure ‘aparanji gold' (24 carat gold) was said to have been used for fabricating the gold-coated copper sheets to be fastened all around the pole.

Now that the ‘ankurarpanam' was performed, for the next two days the priests would be conducting the other allied rituals such as homams, Kalakarshana, etc.

at the ‘yagasala' specially put up in the temple.

The fete would reach a grand finale on Friday with ‘poornahuthi' and ‘samprokshana' consecration ceremony, performed to the newly installed flag post. 

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